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A full service firm specializing in security consulting and
investigative support to business management and the legal profession.


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Training Programs

Blake and Associates, Inc. has the expertise and resources to provide professional level training on a variety of security and investigative subjects. The members of Blake and Associates have made presentations to many private organizations, businesses and professional associations such as ASIS International, Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado, Pennsylvania Association of Licensed Investigators and Intellenet.

Fees and expenses are negotiated on an individual basis. Listed below are some of the training programs available. Additional programs can be customized to meet your requirements.

Private Investigation-Success or Failure as a Business

Duration: 2-3 hours

Discussion Points:

  1. Identifying personal skills and Discussion Points
  2. Creating a business model
  3. Marketing and client development
  4. Creating a fee schedule
  5. Using subcontractors successfully
  6. Investigation and office administration

Audience: While this presentation is oriented toward individuals starting their own private investigation business, it also provides information for those who are attempting to increase their business.

Walking in the Minefield

Duration: 2 hours

Discussion Points:

  1. Discussion of the concept of ethics as it applies to professionalism
  2. Discussion of the various components of professionalism
  3. Identification of possible ethical issues in a series of scenarios

Audience: This presentation is designed to meet ethics training required by state laws and regulations as well as discussing concepts to provide a more professional personal and business image.

Risk Assessment and Premises Liability-A Missed Opportunity

Duration: 2-3 hours

Discussion Points:

  1. How can I benefit from this opportunity?
  2. What is premises liability?
  3. How do I identify the level of risk?
  4. What are reasonable and appropriate measures?
  5. How do I acquire expert witness status?
  6. How do I successfully interact with attorneys?

Audience: In this era of recession and increasing legislative restrictions, the private investigator needs to develop a business niche that will allow him/her to be successful in future business endeavors.

Just the Facts, Ma’am - How to Write and Defend Your Investigative Report

Duration: 2-3 hours

Discussion Points:

  1. Characteristics of a true professional investigator
  2. Strategies for documenting a comprehensive investigation
  3. Producing a professional report
  4. Defending yourself and your report at trial or deposition.

Audience: This presentation is designed primarily for those who are initially entering the private investigation business but also provide insight for the experience investigator on how to improve his/her professional image and incident documentation.

Appropriate Security-Pay Now or Pay Later, Your Choice

Duration: 1-2 Hours

Discussion Points:

  1. Should I be concerned about appropriate security?
  2. Are appropriate security measures and costs justifiable?
  3. What is the premises liability statute?
  4. Legal questions for the owner/manager.
  5. Foreseeability-A component of liability.
  6. Threat trends and changing responses.
  7. Reasonable and appropriate measures.
  8. Security measures and strategies
  9. What security measures do I need?
  10. Return on investment.

Audience: This presentation is designed primarily for building owners and managers to outline justifiable strategies for liability reduction.

Handling Bomb Threats

Duration: 1 Hour

Discussion Points:

  1. Why do people make bomb threats?
  2. How can a bomb be brought into our building?
  3. Where can a bomb be placed?
  4. What does a bomb look like?
  5. How do I know when a threat is real?
  6. What do I do if I find a suspected bomb?
  7. What are some characteristics of letter or package bombs?
  8. What should I do if I receive a bomb threat call?

Audience: This presentation is primarily designed for those persons answering in-coming telephone calls or receiving mail and packages for the company.

Learning how to survive as a hostage

Duration: 1 Hour

Discussion Points:

  1. Program purpose and goals.
  2. Reaction and response.
  3. Coping strategies
  4. Remember The Fat Shark!

Audience: This presentation is designed to provide survival strategies if they are taken hostage.

New Century Trends-Where Safety and Security Meet

Duration: 1 Hour

Discussion Points:

  1. New century trends.
  2. New century needs.
  3. Future direction.

Audience: This presentation is designed to assist those individuals responsible for corporate safety and security to refine strategies to counter evolving needs.

Risk Assessment as a Liability Reduction Strategy

Duration: 1-2 Hours

Discussion Points:

  1. Identifying appropriate security measures.
  2. Risk and threat determination.
  3. Reasonable and appropriate measures.
  4. Security measures and strategies.

Audience: This presentation is designed to assist management in reducing liability through identification of risk factors and development of appropriate risk reduction strategies.

Security as a Second Career for Law Enforcement

Duration: 1-2 Hours

Discussion Points:

  1. Security management in the 21st Century.
  2. Security management components.
  3. Desirable skills.
  4. Average salary by number of company employees.
  5. Average salary by education.
  6. Average salary by age.
  7. Average salary by security responsibility.
  8. Hourly compensation-company employees.
  9. Hourly compensation-contractor.
  10. Major differences private vs. public sector
  11. Should I start my own business?

Audience: This presentation is designed to assist governmental law enforcement officers enter the field of security management.

Selecting a Responsible Security Service Vendor

Duration: 2 Hours

Discussion Points:

  1. Is this how the public views your security?
  2. Contracting sequence.
  3. Identifying a staffing model.
  4. Identifying required duties.
  5. Determining personnel needs.
  6. Preparing the statement of work.
  7. Developing security officer instructions.
  8. Contract provisions.
  9. Bidder list considerations.
  10. Bid evaluation.

Audience: This presentation is designed to assist a corporate contracting officer to identify the security service vendor who will meet corporate standards and needs.


The Role of the Private Investigator and Security Consultant in Negligent Security Litigation

 Duration:  8 Hours (4 Hours Lecture, 4 Hours Interactive Exercise)

 Discussion Points:

1.     What is premises liability?

2.     What are the legal elements to be proven?

3.     How can a security expert be utilized as a litigation asset?

4.     Was the litigation incident foreseeable?

5.     Were the security measures reasonable and appropriate?

Audience:  This presentation is oriented to private investigators desiring to become security experts and to attorneys and paralegals wanting to better understand the components of foreseeability and reasonable and appropriate security countermeasures.




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